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Like with most things in life, we start with very little. begins with three things: a tagline, a picture, and with something else, too.

Our tagline wants to believe that this is “a welcoming place for families struggling with mental health.”

Our picture shows not only a road, but also a journey of many parts. I’m never sure where we are in this scene, but I do know that it changes every day. Sometimes we make it a little way along; other days we lose some ground. Mostly, we spend a lot of time lost in the woods along the sides.

As the wizard might say in the story of Oz, the third thing we have — that not everyone else has — is knowledge. We’ve learned a lot. Some of it works. Much of it doesn’t. This website is an place to share some of the things we have found helpful on our long road.

Join us in our journey.



We at profess to no professional experience. Different strategies work for different individuals. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 911 or your local emergency number.

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Who is

Who is

We’re a family. I’m Bob Larsted … except that’s not my real name. My wife and I have two perfect children. One is doing her best to make her way through high school. The other, Patricia Larsted — not her real name either — had a difficult time coping through middle school and high school. Now in college, Patricia still struggles from time to time as she tries — and usually succeeds — to find her way. She has some great poetry on her blog where you will find a link to her new book.

Our family includes supportive relatives and friends who give us all the strength we need every day.

We have a larger family, too. Doctors, therapists, support workers, and other parents and professionals who share what they have learned to help shine a light on our path. We appreciate everything they do.

For those of you who know us, we ask that you please respect our privacy … we’re not hiding from you … we’re just not ready to deal with all the other people in world who don’t get it. Yet.


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