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Libraries, bookstores and are filled with thousands of books about mental health. I used to think that if I searched hard enough, I’d find the one with the story that mirrored what was going on with my kid. Then I’d flip to the end, see what they did to fix everything, and we’d be done.

It hasn’t worked out quite that way.

I have found a few books that I have  been able to relate to. I will share them here.

Witness to the Dark

A new book by our own Bob Larsted, Witness to the Dark: My Daughter’s Troubled Times. A Comedy of Emotions, tells the roller coaster ride of his daughter’s battle with sadness, cutting, and suicide attempts; depression, bipolar, and schizoaffective disorders. Mix in a little OCD, a lot of anxiety, and share their journey through the minefield of school, family, and today’s healthcare system as he searches to understand her darkness and helps her find ways to survive – and thrive – with psychosis.

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I Think I Scared Her

My daughter Patricia’s psychiatrist recommended that I read I Think I Scared Her: Growing Up With Psychosis by her patient, Brooke Katz, because it reminded her of some of the things going on with my child.

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Agnes’s Jacket

Agnes’s Jacket: A Psychologist’s Search for the Meaning of Madness by Gail Hornstein is a great overview of the European hearing voices movement from an American’s perspective.

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Living with Voices

Living with Voices: 50 Stories of Recovery by Marius Romme, Sandra Escher, Jacqui Dillon, Dirk Cortens and Mervyn Morris is one of the best books I’ve read about hearing voices. Fifty stories paint a picture of hope and recovery with voices.

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Children Hearing Voices

Children Hearing Voices by Sandra Escher is one of three books I like that begin to introduce the European concept of voice hearing that doesn’t have all the messy stigma and terror that we in America give it. This book has two parts: Reading it from one side has information geared toward children; flip it over and it’s for parents.

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Detour: My Bipolar Road Trip in 4-D

Detour: My Bipolar Road Trip in 4-D by Lizzie Simon was the first book I found I was able to connect with. Instead of just one story, this book has several. And instead of train wrecks at the end, many of these stories showed a glimmer of hope.

Hope plays an important part in our journey.

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