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Getting to Know Your Voices

Rai Waddingham talks about Getting to Know Your Voices.

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Voices Matter Documentary

“Voices Matter” is a documentary about the global Hearing Voices Movement, filmed at the 2012 World Hearing Voices Congress in Cardiff, Wales. For more info visit www.openparadigmproject.com

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Back in the US: Maastricht Training

Back in the US: Maastricht Training

This training will be offered from Monday July 13th to Wednesday July 15th 2015 (9:30am to 4:30pm each day) @ Holyoke Community College, Kittredge Center, Holyoke, MA.

Trainers will include Peter Bullimore and Hayley Taylor (see below for more details).

This three-day workshop is particularly for people working in clinical or peer roles, and other supporters who are working with people who hear voices or experience other unusual phenomenon. It focuses on teaching participants how to use the Maastricht Interview to support individuals to understand and navigate their experiences.

The Maastricht Interview is a semi-structured questionnaire. It was developed by Dr. Sandra Escher, Professor Marius Romme and voice hearer Patsy Hage as a way to explore the experience of voice hearing in depth, map out voices, and provide the tools needed to build trust, openness and understanding.

Although there is a $190 fee for this training, please note that scholarships are available!

Registration is required and available on a first-come first-serve basis. Click here for a registration form

About the Workshop Facilitators:

Peter began hearing voices in childhood. He is an internationally known trainer, founder of the Paranoia Network in England, and owner/operator of Asylum Associates. He has also taught at several universities in the United Kingdom.

Hayley began hearing voices at 20, leading to a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. She is currently medication free and working with the Sheffield hearing voices network. She also helps facilitate the Maastricht Assessment Centre in Sheffield, using her knowledge and insight to help others.

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Anderson Cooper Tries a Schizophrenia Simulator

CNN’s Anderson Cooper tries to go through a normal day using a schizophrenia simulator.

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Marty Hadge – Hearing Voices Beyond the Labels

Marty Hadge spoke at the Alternatives 2013 Conference in Austin, Texas, December 4-7, 2013.

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Find a Hearing Voices Group Near You

Click here to find a hearing voices group near you.

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