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Placebo Facts

I went to Novel Approaches in the Treatment of Depression at Mass General Hospital on June 14, 2014. Cristina Cusin, MD, gave a great lecture on The Role of Placebo in Clinical Practice. She shared some fun facts about placebos:

  1. Expensive placebos work better than less-expensive ones.
  2. Two placebos per day work better than just one.
  3. Blue placebos work best for sleep.
  4. Red placebos work best for pain.
  5. Brand-name placebos work better than generic ones.
  6. Placebos work best if administered by someone in a white coat.
  7. Homeopathic placebos work just as well as conventional-medication placebos.
  8. An injected placebo works better than a placebo pill.
  9. A surgical placebo works better than a placebo pill or injection.
  10. Placebos with unpleasant side-effects work better than those with no side-effects.


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