Who is Larsted.com?

Who is Larsted.com?

We’re a family. I’m Bob Larsted … except that’s not my real name. My wife and I have two perfect children. One is doing her best to make her way through high school. The other, Patricia Larsted — not her real name either — had a difficult time coping through middle school and high school. Now in college, Patricia still struggles from time to time as she tries — and usually succeeds — to find her way. She has some great poetry on her blog where you will find a link to her new book.

Our family includes supportive relatives and friends who give us all the strength we need every day.

We have a larger family, too. Doctors, therapists, support workers, and other parents and professionals who share what they have learned to help shine a light on our path. We appreciate everything they do.

For those of you who know us, we ask that you please respect our privacy … we’re not hiding from you … we’re just not ready to deal with all the other people in world who don’t get it. Yet.


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